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Reflections on post-pandemic loneliness in a new city

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

I’m so lonely. Right now, today, I am so so lonely. I feel so lost like I’m just drifting through life, stuck in the post-pandemic doldrums.

It occurred to me last week that my pandemic life and my post-pandemic life are very similar. I spend most of my time in…


I was lonely. But not as lonely as I would have imagined.

Photo by Sara Jeruss

In the photo, I’m wearing a green parka, sunglasses and standing on a ladder. It’s a sunny day, and my face, chest, and shoulders are framed by an oval opening in the sandstone. The photographer is already in the cliff dwelling, taking a photo of me moments before I scramble inside. In the photo, I’m smiling. It was the last normal day.

When I saw that image ten months later, in December, I said, oh that was the last day that I was happy. We laughed, but it’s kind of true. That was the last day Bandolier National Monument was open before it closed thanks to COVID-19.

My next memory of our…

Let’s Get Weird

Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash. Some think the Mothman was an owl or a sandhill crane.

The Mothman is a creature that is half-man, half-bird that terrorized Point Pleasant, a small city in West Virginia in 1966–1967. One night, this creature chased teenagers driving through the dark forest, scaring them half to death and kicking off a rash of sightings. The Mothman story has a little bit of everything: a monster that stalks the night, UFO sightings, men in black, the death of a local journalist investigating the reports, and a catastrophic bridge collapse.

The Mothman emerges under the shadow of the social upheaval of the 1960s. For instance, the Warren Commission — investigating the assassination of President Kennedy — released its report in 1964. In 1967, America was officially embroiled in the Vietnam War for two years. …

We watched it so you don’t have to

The House in Between Review

Photo by Callum Blacoe on Unsplash

Warning: spoilers

The House in Between is a documentary about a haunted house in a southern suburb in the United States. The owner is so frightened that she no longer sleeps there at night.

Unlike most haunted houses, this home has been studied for almost 10 years by a ghost-hunting team who has security cameras monitoring the home 24–7. Despite this, the cause of stuff moving around, swinging chandeliers, flickering ceiling lights, and even mysterious bright lights in the hallway remain unexplained.

LOL -- thanks, Derek, for letting us take a peek under the hood at your writing strategies. The new profile gif looks great, btw!

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